Our Difference

The Bridge-Gate Alliance Group was founded in 2005 with a goal to provide the most responsible and best performing take-out packaging possible for the foodservice industry.

Bridge-Gate’s products are produced to minimize carbon impacts at every step of the process, from raw materials and manufacturing to order fulfillment.

Our first step to control all aspects of production was to build a molded fiber facility unlike any in the world. Our factory excels at pulping, engineering, and R&D.

Here’s how we do it:

First, we begin with premium wheat byproducts that are brought from the fields a short distance to our production facility. The stalks are cleaned, washed and prepped for the most important step: the zero pollution, bio-pulping process. Here we turn the wheat stalks into a chemical-free slurry, using very little water in the process. The slurry is churned and completely washed as part of self-contained process. Other compostable products – made from sugarcane, bamboo, reed, and other fibers – require much more energy and water to transport and process.

Once pulping is complete, we pump the slurry directly into molds, which is very efficient and maintains product strength. Bridge-Gate excels at producing a consistent natural brown color, so prized by both consumers and retailers for its natural color and bleach-free elements. The last stage of production includes a sanitation process that assures the delivery of top-quality food grade containers.

By co-locating a pulping facility with molded fiber forming, Bridge-Gate controls the color, the cost and eliminates transportation. Our first generation pulp is stronger and lighter – up to 20% lighter – and because we don’t re-pulp, our product is actually stronger at this lighter weight. Since other manufacturers must re-pulp sheets they source from multiple paper mills, their product is heavier but weaker, as this extra step weakens the substrate and uses more energy and water.

The other major benefit is with Bridge-Gate’s exclusive production process, consumers can be assured to receive a compostable, consistently high-quality product that has been produced with utmost concern for the environment.  Finally, because our product is thinner, we can ship more cases on a container, nearly 20% more, which reduces our freight cost and lowers our carbon footprint.

Our unique approach is what allows Bridge-Gate’s plates, gourmet containers and hingeware to surpass all relevant tests and regulations for compostable products.

We are the only company that truly produces consistent, high-quality, lower-cost compostable plates, gourmet containers and hingeware designed for thoughtful consumers and restaurant operators that care about more than just the bottom line.

For more product information about the biopulping process, click here.